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Ok seriously, these cups have changed my life. Before I was introduced to Yeti, it was like I was drinking in the Dark Ages.

As of this writing, I have consumed 100 percent of my liquids today from a Yeti product: a 20 oz tumbler in the morning for my coffee; a 30 oz tumbler in the afternoon for my water; a can koozie at night for my beer.    

I’ll be honest:  before Yeti was on my radar, I used to be a Tervis guy. This is a pretty big admission, considering you can buy Tervis at Bed Bath & Beyond, a store that sells a Body Lotion Applicator Stick, a device that puts your socks on for you and a melon baller that doubles as a tool for home vasectomies (ok, I made that last one up). But then I received a Yeti can koozie from one of my students as a gift, and it changed the way I will drink beer forever. No longer must I hurry though a beverage to avoid those last flat, warm, skunky sips. Now my drinks truly are cold or warm to the last drop.

I’m aware Yeti’s primary gig is making coolers. I know this because I drool over them every time I go to a sporting goods store. But I don’t own a Yeti cooler, despite putting one on my Christmas list every year. For now, I’ll begrudgingly make do with just the cups.

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