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$13.60 per 3-pack from Amazon

Anyone who’s ever met me knows I don’t leave the house without my notebook. It’s something I started doing when I was the manager of the guitar shop to track my daily to-do lists, but over the years it’s morphed into an obsessive routine. Now, in addition to capturing grocery lists and book or movie recommendations people give to me, I also record observations and clips of overheard conversations that amuse me. 

It blows my mind that people who write say they have writer’s block or don’t have anything to write about. I can go into a Wal Mart on a Saturday afternoon and get enough material to fill an entire notebook; which, consequently, is one of the only ways my wife can convince me to go shopping with her. 

My quest for the perfect notebook has been a long and harrowing (and incredibly dorky) one. I’ve gone through many brands and sizes, including a period when I cut and stapled my own custom notebooks.

Last year, I landed on Rite in the Rain notebooks, which are these weatherproof spiral-bound books that are tough as hell. The cover is flexible plastic and takes a beating living my back pocket. The pages are actually waterproof, which would have helped the one time I dropped my notebook in the toilet while I took notes mid-piss.

I’ve played with dozens of different pens and pencils too, but the Rite in the Rain is my new go-to. It’s a great size and super sturdy. It uses the same technology as the Space Pen, which means it can write upside down or underwater or, you know, on the moon, should that ever come up. I’ve got one in my pocket right now and three others strategically placed around the house just in case.

I know I just got done saying in the intro I’ve been using the David Sedaris notebook, but once I use it up, I’ll be returning to my waterproof standby.

God, this is fascinating storytelling.

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