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At some point I guess I subscribed to a Facebook group called “Northern Virginia Virtual Yard Sale,” and on occasion, something pops up on my feed about it.

This morning was a Vizio TV a guy was selling for $75. The photos showed a 48 inch television that very clearly had a damaged screen. I mean, the whole left third of it was black.

The copy of the post said he’d dropped it during a move and was selling it for parts. “My loss is your gain!” read the tagline.

People will sell anything on the internet, I guess. If it was me, I’d have taken it right out to the curb, but this guy was pretty enterprising about it. PARTS? As if anyone has the patience to take apart a TV. I did that once, and guess what? When I put it back together, it was still broken. These new TVs are not designed to be fixed. TV repairmen are better off putting a bullet in the thing and buying a new one.

That’s what most of the comments on this post suggested, but there were a couple of funny ones as well.

“I offer $0, but you’ll have to bring it to the curb yourself,” one girl said. 

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  1. Definitely an amazing blog 🙂


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