I Don't Belong Here.

a humor blog from the trenches of suburbia.

We hit the road for Buffalo around 11:30, and our route took us through all the nicest towns Pennsylvania has to offer.

The internet must not be available yet in these little burgs, because the primary method of communication still seems to be via billboard.

 In York, we passed one for a restaurant called “She’s Got Crabs,” which I’m sure brings crowds in by the bushel. Nothing says fine dining like references to sexually transmitted diseases.

Near Harrisburg, we saw another billboard featuring Joe Biden in a turban and robes holding a rocket-propelled grenade on his shoulder. “Make the Taliban great again,” read the caption, which like, sure, that’s a thought. But do you feel strongly enough about it that you’re willing to pay for a BILLBOARD? I don’t know I have the energy to even tweet that.

Things got a little less political as we drew closer to the New York border with a string of billboards promoting the local strip clubs and adult book stores. My vote went to the Adult Outlet, whose billboard featured a drawing of a peach next to an eggplant, the text reading “Every day is hump day at Adult Outlet.”

It’s nice to see what’s important to middle America.

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