Driving Darth Maul – Part VII

We make our way to the cafeteria on the second floor via elevator, which Nick uses as an opportunity to mess with unsuspecting museum patrons. As the elevator begins to lift us, Nick moves to the front of the car and places his face inches from the steel door. “Watch this,” he says. The door…… Continue Reading →

Driving Darth Maul – Part VI

This incongruous juxtaposition is what fuels my interest for the remainder of the day. Just like it amused me to think about a pack of Storm Troopers emerge from their Honda Pilot earlier, I latch onto how entertaining it is to watch these fictional characters against the backdrop of real life. I snicker when Rylo…… Continue Reading →

Driving Darth Maul – Part V

After all this talk about costume accuracy, I’m confused about the guy at the table in the corner who wears a half-assed tunic and a pair of what is very clearly football shoulder pads. I’m not kidding – I can see where they say EASTON on the plastic. “Who’s that guy supposed to be?” I…… Continue Reading →

Driving Darth Maul – Part IV

After a final makeup check and assembly of Nick’s double-edged light saber, it’s time to hit the floor. Patrons are already streaming into the main lobby; some of whom are clearly there for the Semper Force event; others whom are clearly not. An old man in a wheelchair and a camouflage hat halts his progress…… Continue Reading →

Driving Darth Maul – Part II

It’s rainy and in the 50s as I go to pick up Nick, by far the gloomiest and coldest day of the fall thus far. I’m tired and considering ditching the whole thing, worried that this will end up being a waste of a Saturday morning I could have spent pressing up against my wife,…… Continue Reading →

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